Charity Fitness Marathon | NYC Oct 21


We are so excited to celebrate our 2nd Annual Fitness Marathon for Charity! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an area particularly close to our hearts.  Our founder, Sarah, lost her mom, Holly, to Breast Cancer.  In honor of the millions of women who have battled Breast Cancer, and in honor of Holly, (a fitness fanatic in her own right,) we are proud to be hosting this year's Fitness Marathon to support the cause.

Grab a fit friend and meet us for a workout (or two, or three...)! We have partnered with multiple studios in your area, and 100% of ticket sales will be donated!  Each attendee will leave with an amazing swag bag! If you can't attend one of our fab fit events, you can still donate via the links below or by clicking here.  Every dollar counts and is so greatly appreciated! Last year, in NYC alone, we donated over $12,000!! All proceeds will be donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering.* 

See below for this year's fantastic line up of workouts, .


9:00-9:50 am: SOLACE
10:30-11:25 am: FlexIR
12:00-12:45pm: FitHouse NoHo
2:00-2:55 pm: Box + Flow
3:30-4:15 pm: FlyWheel NoHo

Studio Details:

SOLACEBody (HIIT)  Taught by Kenny SantucciThe single most important thing a human can do for their health is exercise regularly. Therefore, a fit BODY is a healthy BODY, and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and spirit. BODY is a fitness methodology based on the core principles of CrossFit, HIIT, and traditional Strength and Conditioning programs. Body is designed for anyone seeking self-improvement, whatever that means to YOU. Classes are team-oriented to develop social connections, build a passionate fitness community, and encourage participants to push harder than they would on their own. You only have one BODY and each day is an opportunity to improve. No Cross fit experience required.

FlexIR: We are amping up Pilates Mat with a detoxifying boost of infrared heat. Our high-energy, endurance-building, full-body workout will get your muscles shaking and leave you dripping in sweat. Expect a challenging Pilates-based class performed in our infrared-heated studio. Get ready to bring the heat!**please note this workout is contraindicated for pregnancy, sensitivities to heat, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure. We’ll use a mat, weights, Magic Circles, and resistance bands. Our FlexIR class is heated by state-of-the-art full spectrum infrared panels. Full spectrum infrared heat is the most energy efficient way to heat a space and you get a major boost of benefits just from entering the room. You’ll get a feel-good rush of serotonin and dopamine just like from the sun’s natural rays plus IR has been shown to help with cell repair, circulation, detoxification, and stress reduction. IR heat is the next step in exercise innovation.Bring plenty of water! $3 no-slip towel included in Ticket purchase.

FitHouse NoHo: Power Speed with Mark Ribeiro-  Test your strength, speed and stamina with this nonstop cardio HIIT workout. High speeds, higher heart rate and highest amount of sweat. Mark Ribeiro of @theconcretetarzan - This NYC native has a big smile and contagious laugh, but don’t let that fool you. He can scale buildings and walls and do 5 minutes of straight pull-ups. Mark is a lifelong athlete who played professional volleyball all over the world. Over the past 10 years, Mark has served the NYC fitness community with a training philosophy that infuses the mind-body connection: if you can think it, you can achieve it.

     Box + Flow with Kate Kerner: 55-minute box + flow experience: inspiration + empowerment thru energy, breath, movement + music. consider getting messy by shadow boxing to beats by DMX + Nirvana before craving the solace of your childs' pose taught by @kateandkale. On the mat, we flow fast to open up the shoulders, heart, and mind with to Bon Iver + Ella Fitzgerald. the most skilled fighters have flow in their fight. we urge you to let your mind detach as you flow thru the fight. no anticipation, no expectation. let it be a dance. just let go. $5 wraps which you can keep are included in purchase.

    FlyWheel NoHo: Our signature high-intensity interval training ride. Climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains, and race against others in the epic class that’s changed countless bodies and minds. Includes an upper-body series for a full-body workout. **Important info: Shoes, water, towels provided complimentary. Showers with shampoo, conditioner, and soap provided. Taught by @marmarnyc ! FlyWheel Master Instructor

    Upon purchasing a ticket, please create a FlyWheel account prior to arriving to class here.


    Not in the mood to sweat? No sweat! We encourage anyone to donate to the cause regardless of whether or not you're able to attend one of the boutique studio classes. 

    Click Here To Donate


    Memorial Sloan Kettering's world-renowned Cancer Research and Treatment Center for Breast Cancer, provides world-pioneering breast cancer services that go above and beyond the standard care.  They offer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support, all under one roof. 

    100% of every dollar raised has been invested in research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering- and together we are revolutionizing the way breast cancer is diagnosed and treated. 


    HelloWellness hosts monthly events fostering in-person connections among like-minded individuals in the health & wellness space.  Our mission is to connect you with new friends with similar interests while introducing you to your favorite influencers and discovering the best brands in the space!

    HW FAQ:

    What is the Cancellation Policy?

    As this is a charity event, all ticket sales are final.  Please notify us of any cancellations, however, we will not be issuing refunds and donating all funds to charity.  

    I don’t know anyone, can I come alone?

    Yes, absolutely!! We hope you are never deterred by not having a friend to accompany you. The purpose of these events is to meet like-minded people, and we will kick off every event with a mini icebreakers game to ensure you know at least one friendly face in the crowd.

    What time will the event actually start?

    Please refer to the schedule above to see each individual studio time.  The class begin promptly at the time the event is called for.  If arriving early- we appreciate punctuality- but may ask you to hang tight while another class finishes up!

    I’m held up with another obligation and running late, is that ok?

    Studios will only hold your spot for 15 minutes, but we will ensure there is still a swag bag for you.  

    I have an allergy, can I be accommodated?

    We always make an effort to accommodate as many allergies as possible, and list all allergies that are “safe” in the food at the event, however, if you’re concerned feel free to email us at