Galentine's Day Baking with @AmbitiousKitchen | BOS February 13


Monique is the founder of Ambitious Kitchen, a healthy food and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring readers in an out of the kitchen. Monique launched Ambitious Kitchen back in 2011 with the hopes of sharing her healthy comfort foods with the world. Fast-forward 7 years and you'll not only find a website with hundreds of unique recipes, but also an ambitious community who crave her wellness inspiration. Monique shares her new favorite cookie recipe along with personal accounts of her wellness journey in order to inspire others to find balance, self-love, and a delicious menu to come home to each day. When she's not busy in her Chicago kitchen, she's living the entrepreneur dream through the launch of a new home goods business, Ambitious Home.
Join Monique in Boston for a Galentine's Day evening filled with homemade grain free/dairy free soft sugar cookies and a Q&A where you can ask her anything. You'll walk away with delicious cookies to nosh on, a healthy dose of inspiration + swag from our favorite brands.

Time: 7:00pm- 9:00pm
177 Milk Street,
Boston MA 02109
7:00-8:15pm- Bake cookies with Monique!
8:15pm-9:00pm Chat with Monique and have an Open Q+A!
- All spots on the waitlist must be purchased. You will be notified via email if you’ve made it off the waitlist. If you do not make it off the waitlist your spot will be credited to your account and can be used on a future event within 6 months. If you cancel your spot prior to 24 hours before the event, you can receive a refund, rather than a credit. 


What is the Cancellation Policy?

We will provide a full refund up to 24 hours in advance of the event.  Within 24 hours, we can credit your account, which you can use for a future event.

I don’t know anyone, can I come alone?

Yes, absolutely!! We hope you are never deterred by not having a friend to accompany you. The purpose of these events is to meet like-minded people, and we will kick off every event with a mini icebreakers game to ensure you know at least one friendly face in the crowd.

What time will the event actually start?

We will open the doors promptly at the time the event is called for.  If arriving early- we appreciate punctuality- but may ask you to hang tight while we finish setting up the beautiful space!

I’m held up with another obligation and running late, is that ok?

Yes, feel free to come at any time, and we will ensure there is still a swag bag for you.  If you’re running late, we cannot guarantee that all of the on-site brands will have samples and food left, however.  People get hungry, what can we say!

What’s in the swag bag?

Telling you would ruin the surprise! But we like to vary it every time and ensure that you’re getting access to the best products in the wellness space, helping you discover new brands, we think you’ll love!

I have an allergy, can I be accommodated?

We always make an effort to accommodate as many allergies as possible, and list all allergies that are “safe” in the food at the event, however, if you’re concerned feel free to email us at