Healthy Foods you’ll Love from @restoring_radiance | November 3


Lex Daddio is the face behind @restoring_radiance, the food and lifestyle Instagram account. She opens up about her journey restoring radiance, which began seven years ago when she was going through a pretty severe binge eating disorder. Her then private Instagram started as an accountability journal for food and exercise.

When she accidentally made it public, everything changed. Seven years later and she no longer suffers from binge eating, and has learned to let go of the food rules and restrictions for a totally free perspective on food. She is all about helping others find food freedom, as well as finding joy in everyday life again. 

Lex will talk about intuitive eating, breaking free from the diet mentality, eating what you truly desire, and learning to take care of your body and yourself, in a whole new way. Learn to find what makes YOU feel the best in YOUR body. 

Join us for dinner and dessert with Lex. Everyone will leave with a swag bag filled with Lex’s favorite brands!